Other Dance Classes at JK School of Dance

Below are brief explanations of the other styles of dance class we offer (depending on demand):

Modern (All Grades)

Classes start at the age of 12. Modern is a more contemporary subject and quite technically enhanced. Pupils need to be 12yrs so that they have developed enough physically to cope with the skills required. This is a lovely subject suited to older pupils who have previous dance knowledge.

National (All Grades)

Classes start at the age of 7. National classes incorporate dancing styles from different countries. One lesson could be focused on Scottish dancing whilst another could take a trip to Spain to focus on the 'Jota'. All lessons build on technique and performance skills. This is a fun way for pupils to learn about another cultures traditional dance.

Looking for class times?

The classes listed on this page are subject to demand and may not be currently available. For prices and current availablity please contact us for more information.

Timetables for all of our current lessons can be found on our Timetables page.