Ballet Classes at JK School of Dance

Below is a brief explanation of each of our ballet classes:

Pre-intro, Intro & Prelim Ballet

Classes start at the age of 3 where pupils are encouraged to use mime and free expression alongside developing basic ballet techniques.

Grade 1, 2 & 3 Ballet

Pupils develop their technical Ballet skills both at the barre and in the centre. Classes are more stuctured and French vocabulary is introduced. Dances move away from mime and develop into the more classical style.

Grade 4 & above Ballet

By grade 4, pupils demonstrate an in depth understanding of ballet technique and the effects on their muscles. They continue to develop their strength and technique and work towards dancing en pointe. Dances demonstrate strong technique and musicality.

Looking for class times?

Timetables for all of our lessons can be found on our Timetables page.