Ballet Classes at JK School of Dance

Below is a brief explanation of each of our ballet classes:

Pre-intro, Intro & Prelim Ballet

Classes start at the age of 3. This class encourages mime and free expression developing basic ballet techniques.

Grade 1, 2 & 3 Ballet

Pupils will develop technical skills in Ballet both at the barre and centre practice in a more structured class setting. Dances will move away from mime and develop into a more classical theme.

The above classes are both 30 minutes in length and are charged at £3.25 a session.

Grade 4 & above Ballet

By grade 4, ballet pupils continue to work on new techniques and develop ballet knowledge and skills for more senior ballet practice including en pointe (on the points of their toes) work for pupils over 12 years. Dances will demonstrate both technique and musicality.

The Grade 4 and above class is 45 minutes in duration and is charged at £4.00 per session.

Looking for class times?

Timetables for all of our lessons can be found on our Timetables page.