About the JK School of Dance

JK School of Dance is in it's Twentieth successful year with over sixty pupils aged between 3 and 18 years, both boys and girls. There are never more than 25 pupils in any class and all staff have had enhanced CRB / DBS checks. Additionally, the school is fully insured and complies with all health and safety legislation.

Dance benefits children in many ways, helping to develop balance, co-ordination and social skills. My dance school aims to promote and enable these skills as well as encourage freedom of expression and support children to develop individual skills which they can use to perform to the best of their ability both in class and in front of an audience.

JK School of Dance has already completed many medal and examination sessions, and has participated by request in the Lord Mayor's show at Loughborough Town Hall. We have also competed in and won, overall 'Best Dance School', and both tap and theatre entries at Dance Caper 2012.

Several of the school's pupils have been awarded scholarships with the Dance and Drama association for their outstanding dance contribution and two of the senior pupils have completed dance degree's at university. One pupil has gone on to have a professional career in dance and a junior member has recently been successful in gaining parts in productions of 'Footloose' and 'Annie' and is now a member of the stage performance group 'Act One'.

About Our Dance Instructors

Joanna Platt - Principle of JK School of Dance Joanna Platt, Principal of JK School of Dance

"I have danced since the age of 3 years. I have trained and achieved in the following subjects: Ballet, Tap, Modern, Theatre, National and Acrobatic. I have passed all major examinations within the Dance and Drama Association and have also completed a teaching qualification at Derby University.

Dancing and theatre were my passion as a child, a pleasure which was shared with my mum! As I have grown older my enjoyment and love for dance has progressed further. I take pleasure in performing and have participated in many shows throughout my career.

I am keen to share this passion with others, and teaching dance gives me a real sense of achievement. I believe if you love dance as a child your enthusiasm will only grow and as an adult your appreciation of the arts lives long. Once a dancer, always a dancer!

I have been teaching dance for twenty two years and I hope that my friendly, enthusiastic approach to classes nurtures the individual needs of each child at the school."

Hollie Bottrill - Dance Instructor for JK School of Dance Hollie Bottrill, Assistant Principal JK School of Dance

"I, like many of the other dance instructors at JK School of Dance began dancing at a very early age. I quickly discovered my love for it and followed this through School, culminating in a degree in Dance Practice and Performance at the University of Wolverhampton and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Nottingham Trent University in primary schooling.

I have been working with Joanna since we attended classes together at a young age. I have completed major examinations with the DDA in Ballet, Tap, Theatre and have also completed the Modern syllabus; as well as completing work in other classes such as National. My dance degree also introduced me to the Contemporary dance style, which I enjoy performing. I have numerous medals and awards, and still continue to perform in the annual shows when needed!

I make every effort to make my classes fun whilst structured and I hope children enjoy them. I like to think they can take my passion into their own dancing careers, whether that's just the fun and enjoyment of taking classes or something more."

Kimberley Nelson - Dance Instructor for JK School of Dance Kimberley Nelson, Dance Instructor for JK School of Dance

"I have been dancing since the age of 3 and dance is something I am very passionate about. I started teaching ballet, tap and theatre at the age of 15. I have previously taught street dance, which is one of my favourite styles. Alongside this, I also studied contemporary dance at De Montfort University, which was an eye opening experience and has allowed me to become aware of dance within a broader context. Having recently completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from De Montfort University in primary schooling, I'm now a qualified primary school teacher."

I like to think that I have a bubbly personality and that I work extremely hard to create dances that are both choreographically clever and that the children enjoy learning and performing."

I do hope you enjoy reading our website pages. Please feel free to contact me for any further information on: 07540 084303.

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Joanna Platt (F.D.D.A)